About us

Before many new products or advertisements hit the public domain the designers of these products often like to test their products on the members of the public who are their target market to get their feedback and opinions about these products prior to launch.

In order to do this they are always looking for new people who would enjoy giving their opinions and who would be willing to share their views in discussion groups or interviews or by participating in online surveys and blogs.

The great thing is that you will be financially rewarded for your time and input. The amount you will be paid will vary according to the type of people we are looking for and the length of time you will be needed. As a general rule you will always be paid when you take part in cash. If there is a change to this arrangement we will always make sure that this is clear both in our mail out and in our invite.

Our groups and interviews mainly take place in Central and Greater London. However, we also often require members of the public throughout the UK for our online surveys, panels and blogs.

As a member of our panel you are vital to the success and growth of our organisation. We will always value your ideas and thoughts and respect you privacy


In order to become a part of our database you will need complete the registration form on this website. Please answer as many questions as possible so that we would know to contact you if we are looking for specific types of people for our projects. However, in many cases we do send out emails to the whole database so that even if the project is not relevant to you, you may know someone who although not registered yet may be interested in taking part. We especially do this when looking for people under the age of 16 as it is important to us that the parents have knowledge of the project and give permission for their children to take part.

The Database is only used for Focus Force projects. Your details will never be passed on, sold to or used to promote products or services to you.