Client Services

Focus Force specializes in sourcing genuine respondents/participants to take part in market research qualitative recruitment.

No matter if you are a large or small organisation we are here to help you with what is often the most important and often most difficult part of your research – sourcing genuine respondents who accurately fit your needs

We aim to provide outstanding service on every project

We always listen to our clients requirements and are here to give advice when needed about potential projects.

We have a long history of being reliable, experienced and professional so you know that if we take on a project you can have peace of mind and know it is in capable hands and you will not be let down

Our philosophy is that we always work together with our client to provide you with the best possible respondents. You will always have your own dedicated Project Manager to work on your project so updates are always available. If we find any problems or difficulties you will be immediately alerted so that we can sort these out together

From its very inception Focus Force set the gold standard of what is required by companies seeking expertise and professionalism in the recruitment of focus groups and market research interviews. With attention to detail of what is required through to the invitations which are sent out and our strict pre-group checking nothing is left to chance.

No job is too big or too small. We can turn a job around extremely quickly when necessary – often within hours!!

The majority of our clients use us regularly and have done so over many years. We like to build up relationships with our clients so that they know our abilities and strengths. If you are going to use us for the first time we would be very happy to furnish you with a list of regular clients. We know that you will be very impressed!!

Some of our clients like to be able to cherry pick their respondents from a selection. Others, if they have a particularly difficult project, may want to see exactly what the respondents have said before they are chosen to be screened. When this is requested we are able, with the permission of the respondents, to send our clients the original applications with all of the answers and descriptions required. Normally our clients working with this system have their first replies within an hour!!

What we do

  • Recruit Focus Groups
  • Recruit Face to Face and telephone interviews
  • Recruit Accompanied shops
  • Recruit Large Clinics
  • Recruit Online Surveys, Panels and Blogs
  • Carry out telephone and face to face interviews from our premises
  • Recruitment mainly into Central London and City Venues but take on work anywhere within the M25