Focus Force has an extensive database of nearly 30,000 people which is growing daily. This includes the following groups:

  • Consumers
  • Professionals
  • Business executives
  • Business decision makers
  • Ethnic minorities and medical patients

The speed of the use of online database recruitment has enabled faster, cheaper and more accessible avenues for research recruitment than would have been thought possible even a few years ago

We use the database in the first instance when recruiting by sending out a short questionnaire to conduct the initial screening. Relevant questions are asked but the qualifying criteria is never obvious as we always seek unbiased and truthful answers.

However, we ALWAYS then phone those who we feel would be right for the project to go through a further questionnaire – unless, as sometimes happens, our client may prefer to do their own screening. It is only after speaking to the actual respondent and we are satisfied that they would be an asset are we happy to invite them along to your project.